July 2023

This is an exciting month at Mata Shakti!
After 3 + years, Kundalini yoga and meditation classes will be offered in person! If you’ve been missing the gong, come and experience it during each class.

There will also be a limited number of slots open for in person counseling clients. If you’ve been missing or wanting to do sandplay therapy, the Jungian sand tray and all the sacred miniatures are waiting for you!

Zoom classes will also remain available for out of town folks and those who would just rather do yoga at home!

The theme of classes this summer is “The Summer of Love”, and here’s why: The patriarchal models of religion, and even yoga, have stressed the separation of spirit from the body, and enforced a lot of “rules” about what is and what’s not OK. What we need now is an “evolutionary love yoga”. This is a new path, where we can reclaim eros, and love’s love for its own creation. As we connect with the sacred heart, we rescue eros from the patriarchy and fuel our sacred creativity. We create a field of transformation around us. Eros makes our lives a crucible of alchemical transformation. As we marry eros and adoration, eros is divinized, and we worship the divine in a golden unity. We begin to live a new sacred life. It’s all one worship – and that includes the body. So this summer, we focus on the heart chakra, our bodies, our sexuality and sensuality, not as separate from the Divine, but a crucial part of it!

Website to check for class schedules, etc., https://matashaktiashram.org
FengShui/sacred space consultations: https://sacrednest.com
For psychotherapy services: https://sacredlistener.com

Opening up for in person clients on a limited basis!
Contact me if you’d like to learn more.