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Sacred Listener?

Sacred Listener is the online home of HarDarshan K. Khalsa, MA, LCMHC. HarDarshan is a certified mental health counselor, a seasoned Kundalini yoga practitioner, teacher, and teacher trainer , and a minister of Sikh philosophy. As a hospital chaplain, she has been trained as an interfaith minister and has deeply studied the mystical wisdom traditions of the world.

Whatever your faith (or none), HarDarshan can help lead you to your own inner wisdom, using tools from many paths. She values spiritual encouragement and thinking mystically rather than through the lens of pathology and patriarchy.

Heart-felt Words

“HarDarshan, I’ve always felt you’ve been by my side in my healing journey. That we walk through the challenges together. There have been times when I’ve needed to lean on you more than others but you were always next to me. I’m grateful for your support.”

- Shelly, Midwife

All counseling testimonials are unsolicited. The names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Sacred Listener


Psycho-Spiritual Counseling


HarDarshan’s counseling practice is psycho-spiritual and is designed to bring you the multi-dimensional healing and development that leads you home to your soul.

She gives you the support to hear the voice of your own spirit and reminds you that YOU CAN have the inner change of perspective that gets you the change you want.

Mata Shakti

Kundalini yoga

Restorative Yoga & Meditation

KundalinI Yoga

The spiritual traditions of India have served humanity for thousands of years, and the oldest item of worship is a feminine one.

The pre-industrial, indigenous way of worship was a feminine one, and it’s time to get back to our roots! This is not about gender – it’s about the feminine qualities of nurturing, balance, and love that exist in every human. Mata Shakti yoga exists to support those qualities, using the ancient technology of Kundalini yoga as well as other traditions that are in alignment with the goal of learning to love ourselves so that we can serve others.

Sacred Nest

In-Home Energy Consultations

Sacred Nest Consults

Our physical spaces both reflect and influence our states of mind.

Our bodies and our homes are not separate from our souls. Using the Western form of Feng Shui and applying the spiritual awareness of creating beauty, HarDarshan can help you to find the soul of your space so that it radiates and nurtures all that live and visit there.

Find your way back to your soul.

In these dangerous times, your sessions with HarDarshan can bring healing of your traumas and shadows, help you process difficulties, and therefore protect you from the illusions we face in our world.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina