February 2020

This is my favorite painting at the North Carolina Museum of Art: “The Siene at Giverny, Morning Mists.” Go visit it if you haven’t yet! This was painted by Monet in 1897. The amazing thing about this painting is that for two years, Monet rose at 3:30 am, to catch the mists and fog clearing from the river at different times and in different lights. In the yogic tradition, we refer to these hours before dawn as “The Amrit Vela”, the sweet time of day when all is quiet. A great time for meditation! I recently wrote this poem, as if the painting is speaking to us:

“Amrit Vela”
There’s so much happening
In this museum,
In this world,
This universe.

I am a point of stillness.
I watch everyone
Coming in and out
Occupied by their own Minds.
Commenting. Analyzing.
Let’s just stop all that

(yes there’s a seat here, that’s no accident!)
Allow my colors into your eyes.
Weep if you must,
the Fog, the trees,
the Quiet.
Swim in my pastel waters.
Rest, my dear,
In this peaceful space.
Allow me to feed your Soul.
Awake to the beauty
While others are sleeping.

HarDarshan Khalsa, January 10, 2020
Thank you for allowing me to share this with you!

Service Opportunity
Mata Shakti Ashram welcomes your support! How can you help?
Time and Talent: help with yard and garden maintenance, upkeep of classroom and workshop/training spaces, vegetarian raw food prep, help with social media and technology. Talk to your friends and personal community about Mata Shakti Ashram, for we are truly “grass roots”!
Finance/Funds: Donations of money to assist Mata Shakti Ashram pay the overhead cost for the current space, pay guest teachers, and provide some scholarships to those in need. Let us know how much you are willing to pledge monthly or yearly over the next year to 5 years, as we prepare the non-profit status. Every donation will receive a class pass to share with a friend to acquaint them with the ashram.

Thanks to Kevin Millar, Lisa Brown, Sahej Anand Kaur, Jennifer Pittman, Lindy Hoeft, Joni Liebel, Michelle Hill, Sat Inder Kaur and Karta Purkh Singh of Kansas City’s Param Tirath Ashram, Elke/Keval McCalla, Ranpreet Kaur, Shirin Negmodjanova, Connie Boston, Mary Radulescu, Barbara Lynn Freed, Updesh Kaur, Florence, Wasalisa Davison, Harbhajan Khalsa, Param Terath Kaur and Ashley Jackson, who have already given their support!

Stay tuned for an open house, and contact HarDarshan for more information: 919-257-7814 or hardarshan@matashaktiashram.org