Testimonials for Counseling

(These are unsolicited  testimonials for counseling sessions. The names have been changed to protect confidentiality.)

HibiscusYellow2_214HarDarshan, thank you for listening and hearing between the lines. I am so grateful for you being in my life and thru your compassionate heart, you are teaching me to open mine and I am learning.”   Joy, teacher

“I feel so deeply moved by your work…You are an amazing teacher and gifted counselor who naturally brings out the awakened heart from within all you encounter. I am fortunate for receiving your warm thoughtful direction.” – Angela, physician

“You are so skilled at helping me gain insight when my vision is blocked, helping me discover my triggers and build resources for resolution and in fact, transformation. “ – Andrew, pediatrician

“Thank you for helping me to make more clear this wonderful and exciting journey I am on.”
– Lincoln, social worker

“Thanks for listening – I feel heard!” – Lydia, yoga instructor

“I am so grateful to know you and receive your loving guidance. Your presence in my life is a huge blessing as I move through this important phase of life…” – Amy, chiropractor

“I found your counseling to be very inspiring, helpful, and heart warming. Thank you for your kindness and caring.”
– Jack, home builder

“You are helping me trust, commit, have faith and self respect. Thank you for being a strong example and a patient listener.”
– Jane, dance instructor

“This is the most easy, free-flowing therapy I have ever had. My heart is filled with gratitude. You help me remember who I am.” — Frida, art therapist

“I feel so safe when I am with you, in a way I don’t feel anywhere else”.
– Joan, yoga instructor

“Thank you for the ways you’ve helped me to see things in a new frame, and for shining some grace into some very difficult moments for me. I will keep these experiences as life changing, transformational advances on my path.”
– James, student