Spring Workshops

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March 22, April 5 & 26, May 10 & 24, & June 7
6:15 – 7:45 pm

Are you: Intuitive, & empathic? Sensitive to light, noise, sound, smells, temperature? Affected by the emotions of others? Conscientious? Someone who processes information deeply? Often feeling that you are different from “everyone else”? Highly imaginative? Seen by others as shy? Sensitive to criticism?

You may be a highly sensitive person (HSP)! Learning to love yourself & silencing your inner critic are important steps in using your sensitivity as an asset.

HarDarshan Khalsa, LPC, is one of three therapists in the state of North Carolina who has been approved by Dr. Elaine Aron as a specialist in counseling clients who are highly sensitive. Her goal is that you experience your sensitivity as a gift.

These workshops will each have a different focus:

  • March 22: working with your deeper wounds and how to tell your story
  • April 5: Mindfulness with medical care, reframing a medical care experience
  • April 26: Working the Spirit – dreamwork, religion, and ritual
  • May 10: Coping tools: working with flower remedies
  • May 24: Coping Tools: Meditations for hsps
  • June 7: Coping tools: hsps and diet

You can attend if you have previously attended hsp groups with HarDarshan, or even if you haven’t! You can attend one or two workshops or attend all three! We will have time to share coping tools, explore new topics & be nurtured in a sensitive space!

These evenings are a great opportunity to receive support in a safe environment & are economical: $30 per each 1 1/2hour session. ($180) or save $30 by pre-paying for all 6 – $150. Pre-register for March 22 or all 6 by March 15.                          (919) 257-7814 or hardarshan@sacredlistener.com