Sesame Milk

sesamemilk1/2 cup of sesame seeds, soaked for 4 hours
2 pitted dates
pinch of salt
5 cups pure water
Place all ingredients into your blender, adding a small amount of water first. Blend smooth, then add remaining water and finish blending. You can strain if you like. Will keep for 4 days in fridge.

This is a very nutritious alkaline beverage and is cheaper than cow’s milk!
Properties of sesame:
It has 85% of unsaturated fatty acids that help to dissolve bad cholesterol. It is also rich in calcium. In 100 grams of sesame, there can be up to a 1500 mg (1.5 g) of easy absorbable calcium surpassing milk, which provides only 120 mg.
Sesame also contains iron, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, which helps prevent male infertility. It has 22% protein, rich in essential amino acids. It carries lecithin – a great nutrient for brain cells and optic nerves. For its high content of calcium, it is recommended to be consumed during pregnancy and menopause, and to fight osteoporosis.
Sesame milk is high in vitamin B. It is also refreshing and low in calories, since sesame milk is made only with water and sweetened with dates. It’s very easy to make.